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A Will is a key component of each foundational estate plan. Having a valid and thorough Will in place is important for every individual. It avoids the inefficiencies that can arise in an “intestate” probate (where the State of Oregon decides how your assets will pass and who will manage your estate) and can save substantial tax and administration costs. A Will allows you to express your wishes regarding the final administration of your estate, and streamlines the administration process following your death – to make things easier on your loved ones in an otherwise difficult time.


A revocable trust is a common tool for probate avoidance. It allows the administration process to take place out of the court’s jurisdiction and off the public record – giving your family the privacy they deserve as they handle your affairs. A revocable trust substantially reduces the post-death administration costs, and can significantly lower families’ estate tax obligations as well. It is also an effective tool to assist in the administration of your financial and administrative affairs in the event of your incapacity. Most of all – a trust provides peace of mind that everything will be handled according to your wishes and in the least burdensome manner for your surviving loved ones.

The team at Estana also assists in establishing irrevocable trusts when necessary to further reduce estate tax exposure. We assist with irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs), charitable trusts, and other irrevocable trusts for the tax-efficient transfer of wealth. These often work well hand in hand with family limited partnerships and business succession planning.

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