About Us

The Estana estate planning law team delivers personal and well-balanced solutions to meet each client’s unique goals.

Our Collaborative team approach assures that we understand your unique needs.

The Bend, Oregon-based team at Estana utilizes a unique team approach for each and every estate planning, probate and trust administration matter. Each team member spends their time working on what they do best. Drawing on the unique skill-sets of each team member, the end result is a more efficient and higher quality product for you – the client. 

Ryan P. Correa

Ryan is the plan design specialist at Estana. He brings a wide variety of life and business experience to the table, allowing him to develop, implement and manage strategic estate plans to reach each client’s unique goals.

Heather Turk

Heather is the primary drafter (writer) at Estana. She has been practicing exclusively in the areas of estate planning, probate and trust administration for her entire legal career. 

Kristen Howard

Kristen helps see each matter through from beginning to end.