Estate & Gift Tax Planning

Individualized estate plans that align with your personal goals and values.

Estana provides peace of mind – now and into the future. 

In every estate plan, we address any potential Oregon and federal estate tax exposure, and advise clients creatively and efficiently to substantially lower their tax exposure. This planning can take many forms – often in combination.

Charitable Planning

We include charitable planning in many of our plans. Charitable planning is one of our favorite tools, as it allows clients to find creative ways to support organizations or causes they believe in, both during life and after death, while also lowering estate tax liabilities significantly – a true win-win. Many clients also enjoy passing on their specific tradition and legacy of charitable giving to their children or other loved ones.

Insurance Planning

We also often use irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) to reduce the amount of assets subject to estate tax (both at the state and federal level). ILITs can be used with existing life insurance policies, or with new policies. We work hand in hand with our client’s financial advisors to ensure any insurance planning suits each specific client’s needs and goals.

Lifetime Gifting

Lifetime gifting is another strategy that can substantially lower Oregon estate tax exposure. Oregon does not currently tax lifetime gifts, and instead only taxes what an individual owns at the time of death. With careful consideration of income-tax basis tradeoffs and potential federal gift tax exposure, a gifting strategy can often provide estate tax savings while also allowing clients to begin to pass on their legacy while they are still around to see their loved ones enjoy it.

Family Limited Partnerships

We regularly assist clients in the establishment of partnerships and limited liability companies and the transfer of assets to those entities in connection with their estate planning for an extra layer of administrative efficiency and potential tax savings.

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