Your Next Step: Peace of Mind

Comprehensive Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration Services in Bend, Oregon.

Estate planning is personal – not cookie cutter.

At Estana Law Group, founded by Ryan P. Correa and Heather J. Turk, we work alongside our clients to create custom-tailored estate plans that align with each client’s personal goals and values, focusing on what is most important to you – the client. A key belief at Estana is that working together (with each other, with our clients and with other professionals) makes us all stronger, and results in a higher quality, more client-focused product.

How we work, in a nutshell

The estate planning process at Estana is designed to be convenient and accessible. We know that estate planning is difficult for many individuals and families to prioritize. Sometimes the topic of death can be hard to stomach. Sometimes the many demands of life, family, and work can be overwhelming. Estana is here to help you through that process and to provide peace of mind that your affairs are in order – now and into the future.  We strive to make the estate planning process both seamless and thorough, with the goal of lifting a huge weight off your shoulders. For those who prefer the “virtual” experience, the entire estate planning process up until the signing meeting can take place via our portal, email communication and phone/video conferencing.

What We Do

Estana provides Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Administration services to individuals and families.


Getting to know our clients and learning about their families and life passions is by far the best part of our work. We are so fortunate to have so many amazing clients, and we truly enjoy staying in touch with them throughout the years. See the kind words past Estana clients have to say about their experience.